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Welcome to Bostock (Militaria) Medals. With in excess of 50 years experience in the hobby.
Member OMRS (48 years)., OMSA., MCCC, and BMS (well over 35 and counting). "Good Hunting", carry on...

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Selected Items

The extremely rare officially impressed officers award for service on board The Indian Naval ship Her Majesty's Steam Frigate Ferooz. Acting Lieutenant Charles Fooley Wilson. This was also the ship that conveyed the Queen's special envoy Lord Elgin to the Court of Pekin From a small selection of Military General Service Medals, some to officers: Born in 1779. Major Alexander Hepburn Murrey Belches, who as Captain and Squadron Commander 3rd Dragoon Guards rode at the head of his troop at Talavera. This was the first engagement under the Duke of Wellington as General Sir Arthur Wellesley Ex Colonel Gascoigne 1909 collection. Born cr: 1791. Drummer and Fifer Norman Gilles 92nd (Gordon) Highlanders. One of only ten Drummers in the regiment at Waterloo and the only one in Captain Archibald Ferrier's No 2 Company - the 92nd famously held the stirrups of the Scots Grey and charged into the French. They and the 27th sustained the highest casualties at Waterloo. A seldom seen officers medal for service in the Sea of Azoff: William Lindsay Robinson, Engineer HMS Lynx who with continued service was appointed Chief Engineer R.N. Well documented. Personally awarded his medal by King Edward VII at Dalkeith Palace (The castle) 13 May 1903. One of seven Pipers elected to for the Pipe Band and tour of Canada in 1904 taking in a 50 City (and Town) tour. Piper Robert Thompson, The Royal Highlanders. Black Watch
Part of a good selection of naval awards, already an accomplished seaman when he entered the service as a Boy, who became the Chief Officer on HMS Warrior, now berthed at Portsmouth. He died on board and was Discharged Dead 8 November 1880 when she was still in active service. William Cleverton The exceptional World War One Military Medal and Bar group to Corporal William Atkinson serving in the 14th (The Pioneer) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. Served in France from 1915, having survived the Somme Offensive he was awarded his Military Medal and Bar in less than a week during the last few days of January to the first few days of February 1918 An exceptionally rare seen casualty for the Egypt campaign. Lance Corporal Samuel Parker, 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers. One of only six members of the regiment serving with the Heavy Camel Regiment KILLED IN ACTION at ABU KLEA 17 January 1885
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